Wednesday Take-Up

On Tuesday afternoons, we release a price list for what we will pay for graded calves on Wednesday.  All other cattle will be priced off the truck.  We accept calves, yearlings, slaughter cows & bulls.  There is a $5.00 per head sale bill; which consists of $1.00 Beef Promo, $0.50 State Beef Promo, $1.00 Grade fee, and $2.50 Yardage.  Once your cattle are graded and weighed you will receive your check.

A black and white image of an animal.

The Process

  1. Cattle will be weighed every Wednesday from 7:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
  2. The producer brings cattle to G&G Livestock, LLC.
  3. The cattle are then unloaded, sorted, graded and weighed.
  4. Prices of cattle are determined on the day prior to weigh-in and can be viewed online on our price list (updated every Tuesday afternoon).
  5. All calves, yearlings, slaughter cows and bulls will be accepted.
  6. Checks are issued immediately.