Pre-Conditioned Take-Up

March 28, 2022

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  • All cattle must be worked according to Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) guidelines.
  • Cattle must be evaluated and consigned by a G&G Livestock, LLC representative.
  • Cattle must be owned by the seller for a minimum of 70 days.
  • Cattle must be weaned for a minimum of 45 days.
  • Eligible weights are 400–1,000 lb. for steers and 400–900 lb. for heifers.
  • Castrations and dehorning must be healed.
  • Bulls, stags, bred heifers, and cattle graded S will not be accepted.
  • Pink-nosed, off colors, exotic, and exotic crosses will not be accepted.
  • Large and medium #1's and #2's will be accepted. Small-frame cattle or #3's will not be accepted.
  • All cattle will be re-evaluated on take-up day by a G&G Livestock, LLC representative. Any defective or unmatched cattle will be rejected.
  • The producer will be charged $175.00 for any bred heifers or picked up.

Tags and Vaccinations

  • G&G Livestock, LLC will provide a tag, which must be used.
  • All vaccinations are to be given according to BQA guidelines and product labels.
  • Vaccines must be given at the weaning period and boosted 15 days prior to sale.
  • Vaccinations require third-party verification (from a veterinarian or a G&G Livestock, LLC representative).
A black and white image of an animal.

Vaccination Protocol

  • Two rounds of Live IBR (one initial dose plus a booster)
  • One round of pasteurella
  • Two rounds of blackleg (one initial dose plus a booster)
  • One deworming (nongeneric)
  • Implant (optional)

Payment Information

Payment will be made on the day of the sale.
$1.50 for beef promotion, $1.00 for grading fee and $2.50 yardage will be deducted per head.

Third-Party Verifiers

G&G Livestock, LLC Representatives

Lynn Goforth: (276) 724-0511
Davis Goforth: (276) 724-0513
CW Pratt: (276) 781-8052

Your Local Veterinarian

Walt Graham (Boehringer-Ingelheim): (276) 971-1091